David George

The Battle of Little Sayler's Creek was shot on the actual Battlefield in Virginia -- five miles from Appomattox.

This was a three-day, five-camera shoot. Our nimble crew, dressed in period costumes with mini DV cameras and Shotgun mics marched among the 'Confederate' and 'Union' Armies.

The reenactors were eager to tell their stories in interviews that were conducted in, and out of character.

Our attitude was not to judge the soldiers on either side, but to hear them tell the story of this battle from their individual points of view. Often a Confederate would contradict a Union soldier on the reason for the war, or the significance of slavery.

While many reenactors hold a passionate allegiance to the "cause" many would come prepared to wear either blue or grey to balance out the numbers since there are often more Confederate than Union soldiers.

Through the newsreel style coverage we get a sense of what the battle might have looked like if a modern film crew were transported back in time and gathered footage of the actual event.

David George

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